Highland City Striders
Our mission is to promote health and fitness among our membership with a focus on adopting healthy lifestyles.  In addition, we support camraderie among runners and other local running clubs in the area.  Finally, our organization provides support to local charities thru sponsorship of local running events several times a year.
Who are the members of the Highland City Striders?
We are runners who live in the greater Marlborough/Hudson area, who meet weekly to run various distances for fun and to keep in shape! We run, sweat and laugh together. Our club has been in existence since April 2002. All of our members are 18 years old and older, some of us are significantly older!

What does it mean to be a Strider?
The Highland City Striders is a small group of runners who love to run together, play together and EAT together. We run weekly workouts and participate in local road races. In addition, we coordinate and run a number of low key races that support the local community. For example, last Thanksgiving we organized a road race that helped to raise over 1000 food items for the local food pantry.
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